A Case for Change

A Volk lens is a rite of passage. Volk creates lenses of unmatched quality and with the highest resolution distortion free imaging. If cared for properly a Volk lens will, and have been known to, last a lifetime.  This is where our story begins. It was time to protect their lenses for a lifetime.




In speaking with and observing ophthalmologists the Balance team quickly discovered the case had to do more than simply cover and contain a lens.  It had to be personal and recognizable. Each doctor owns multiple lenses and often share offices with multiple doctors. It had to be robust. Doctors carry their lenses with them throughout the entire day and bring them out in almost every appointment. And they never drop them… It had to do more. Often doctors used the lens case to prop and align their arm during an examination at the slit lamp (that bright contraption that you rest your head in and try not to move).




We knew what the current case cost Volk to purchase and how many lenses they offered. We knew the hinges were failing and materials were not wearing well. What we didn’t realize was how much time it took Volk’s fulfillment team to custom cut the inserts for 46 different lenses and personalize the exterior of the case for each type of lens and doctor they were selling to. We knew what we had to do. 



180219_Volk_standard case_portfolio rendering_side by side.jpg
180302_Volk_standard case_portfolio rendering_Explode.jpg


Our work resulted in a case that lasts longer, costs less, and delights Volk's customers. More placards could be engraved at the same time and separate from the cases in more colors and finishes. The hinge was designed to last 50,000 cycles with a secondary magnet that makes sure the case does not open unless you want it to. Silicone inserts were created with simplicity and efficiency in mind, holding the same 46 lenses in just 20 inserts with superior grip and protection. And, no-slip feet were added to the base for a confident stance when used as a tool during a procedure.


It is more than a case and it was a pleasure to work with a team that respects the value and impact of design. 



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