The Right People

Balance team members are excited about discovering opportunities and solving problems through design. We pride ourselves on genuine collaboration with our clients -- we immerse ourselves in their businesses, and let them behind the curtain in ours.  We open new doors and build entirely new opportunities together. Better yet, we make it fun.

Our team is comprised of incredibly talented and visionary professionals who can uncover opportunities you may have never thought possible, and our focus is on you and your success!


Balance News

A Blend of Old and New

Balance is based in Tyler Village, one of the largest downtown redevelopment efforts ever undertaken in Cleveland, Ohio. Our industrial-strength building is representative of our hard-working Midwestern mentality and work ethic, and we welcome you to visit our space any time.



Located in the heart of Cleveland’s historic Midtown District and Asia Town, Tyler Village boasts an eclectic list of tenants. They include high-tech companies and startups, an online school, a vinyl record pressing plant, a professional photo studio, a biotech company, a school, and many more. Our location is convenient to downtown, major freeways, and the airport. Plus, we have plenty of free parking!


Open Plan

In keeping with our philosophy of collaboration, we’ve designed an open studio space where product design, user-experience, and strategy professionals rub shoulders on a daily basis. Whether it’s a discussion about a project or an impromptu quarterback challenge, our studio space more than accommodates.




Research Facility

We also have our own, in-house research facility. Balance can manage the entire process from recruiting, to moderating, to recording.

Ideation Space & CLIENT WAR-ROOMS

A significant portion of our open space is dedicated to ideation. From comfortable modular seating to an entire wall turned dry-erase surface, we’ve created a casual environment that promotes free-flowing ideas and open collaboration.

This space is highlighted by multiple private client war-rooms for on-site client/Balance collaboration. 


Having a space where product designers can work through a problem with their hands was an important consideration. We created a separate workshop area for physical prototype development and exploration – complete with an automotive paint booth and 3D printers. Because we designed our own space, we were able to build in the necessary electrical for any type of equipment we’ll need as we continue to grow. And just in case we need it, we can fit an entire automobile on our freight elevator!


Success is Our Responsibility

We don’t forget where we came from, and we know that our continued success is really a responsibility.

Balance places a high value on networking, education, and fostering relationships in our community. We attend, participate in, and sponsor a variety of events centered around entrepreneurship and design. By focusing our attention outward and contributing our time, treasure, and talents, we can help build a culture of innovation and generosity.


Participation, Speaking & Sponsoring



Case Western Reserve University

Cleveland Public Schools

Creative Minds in Medicine

Midwest Engineering Entrepreneurship Network

NorTech Innovation Unconference

Ohio Aerospace Institute

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Engines of Ingenuity

Entrepeneurship Immersion Week

Greater Cleveland Partnership

Industrial Design Society of America

Startup Weekend Cleveland


University of Akron

Weapons of Mass Creation





Chagrin Arts

Cleveland Institute of Art

Hathaway Brown Robotics

Community Partnership for Arts & Culture

Special Olympics

St. Ignatius Robotics Club

The Music Settlement

Valley Art Center




On June 5th, 2015, René Polin, President & Founder of Balance, Inc., took the stage at TEDxCLE to share the success we’ve had with leveraging biomimicry in the design process.