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Navigating the complex landscape of medical products and equipment is one of the toughest challenges in business today. The rewards can be as big as the risks. That’s why it’s imperative every project begin with a 360 degree view. Our team of dedicated medical experts, with specialization in regulatory strategy, FDA compliance, medical engineering, human-centered design and commercialization, collaborate with you up front to ensure an overall optimization strategy is in place right from the start. We partner with you on this journey.  




Our team of specialists possesses the diverse skill-sets necessary to identify and develop your regulatory path, uncover opportunity areas, generate innovative solutions, match technology with an appropriate market space, and produce devices and experiences that make a positive and effective contribution to the health and wellness ecosystem.










Balance can help you manage and mitigate potential hurdles and risk factors during the development process. We’re always thinking ahead with regard to regulatory, usability, manufacturability, and business relevance in mind.




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