Think you draft better than your team’s GM? Prove it!

Fantasy Football is a nation-wide phenomenon with an average of 41 million players a year. An innovator came to Balance with a passion and vision to change the Fantasy Football formula with a unique "Fantasy Draft" experience that has never been seen before. It started with a question at a bar in downtown Cleveland: who could draft better, the general manager or a dedicated fan? That vision transformed into a browser-independent social experience which truly stands out in the Fantasy Football market.



Drafting the perfect lineup for Fantasy Football is one thing, but drafting players from college on-the-clock is a whole other ballgame. General managers strategize and plan for weeks about who they will pick. LegendaryGM brings that same intensity along with an extra layer of user-friendliness and accessibility. Balance spoke directly with real Fantasy Football high-rollers to understand exactly what features they would want to make their drafting experience easier and more accessible. LegendaryGM teamed up with Pro Football Focus to provide real-time draft updates, player statistics, and point metrics to help even the most novice player compete with the big dogs.



LegendaryGM was built to be accessible from any browser with internet access. Whether it's at a draft day event, on a smartphone at a bar, or on an office computer - nobody has an excuse to miss out, feel left out, or left behind. A natural constraint for the project was that Draft Day only happens once a year and everyone might not be available during the draft. To balance this, we opened the gates after the draft to allow players a second chance at drafting at the cost of some points during their LegendaryGM season.



Balance continues to support the growth and excitement surrounding LegendaryGM. We believe in the vision, the power and the spirit of the brand.


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