An Elegant Solution to Big Problem

With nearly 40% of the world’s food going to waste each year*, a small group of like-minded mid-western innovators saw an opportunity in helping independent farmers find local buyers of the produce they would typically till back into the soil. Thus was the impetus of Farm Fare - A Modern B2B Local Food Market. This hyper-local digital commerce platform provides chefs, restaurateurs, and institutional food buyers direct access to local, farm-fresh produce and dairy products.



the path to mvp

Balance leveraged it’s team-members extensive experience in eCommerce, emerging retail technology, retail logistics, and mobile application design to work with Farm Fare every step of the way. We were embedded into the Farm Fare team to contribute to the definition and refinement of the brand strategy - from helping name the company, defining its brand language, and informing the definition and scope of the MVP. Our user researchers interviewed and shadowed farmers, chefs, institutional food buyers, and food hub managers to inform the information architecture, interaction design and visual design of the mobile app. With functional prototype in hand, we then tested the application with potential buyers in their respective environments. In the end, we developed an architecture and design that would support the short-term needs of a limited release, while ensuring seamless scalability to a nation-wide customer base.


Designed for Anyone, Anywhere

The light weight design allows for the maximum portability of a digital audiobook with the grab-and-go convenience of a physical format. Since the unit is most commonly used in classrooms, libraries, and the military, it had to connect with its end-user the first time, everytime.

The Playaway LIGHT redefines the audiobook experience with a much friendlier, intuitive design.


“The product launch has gone well and we have exceeded our sales plan for our direct team and distribution partners through the first quarter. I believe that the redesign is the principle reason behind the uptick.”

Tim Van De Walle

Manager of Product Development, Findaway


Other Work

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