The Backbone of Your Bank

Diebold is a leading worldwide provider of point-of-delivery devices for financial institutions. They also have a rich 150 year history in bank safety, security, and service. At the 2007 Bank Administration Institute (BAI) Retail Delivery Show, Diebold wanted to reinforce their position as a thought leader in the industry. Aligning with their core competencies, and demonstrating the value they provide to their industry and their consumers – they wanted to go beyond simply re-inventing the ATM.


The New Face of Retail Banking

Diebold wanted to visualize the potential new face of retail banking in the foreseeable future. Balance partnered with Diebold to develop a conceptual environment that improved and streamlined the consumer’s experience, yet felt familiar, approachable, and intuitive. Built around multiple personas, The Branch of the Future concept was rooted in Diebold’s corporate design lexicon and executed with a forward-thinking twist that placed Diebold at the center of the future banking experience and the heart of the physical branch infrastructure.

Timely Results

Through relentless problem-solving, focused design effort, and effective project management, our combined team was able to achieve a successful completion of the project for its extremely well-received debut at the 2007 BAI Retail Delivery show. And all of this was done in less than 90 days.


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