Happy Holidays from Balance Innovation & Design!

We want to take the time to say thank you for the role you’ve played in the continued success of Balance Innovation & Design. We’re a team with diverse skills, responsibilities and interests but at our core, we’re all makers who love to push ourselves outside of our comfort zone as often as possible. That leads us to this bizarre video we built for you. In the process of making it, we learned how to make a stop animation video (and how not to) - we also tapped into some underutilized talents of our team - from video production to the writing, performance and editing of the “Soundtrack”.

We hope you enjoy our video..

‘Making Of’ Videos

Nick Dauchot in the studio shooting the final holiday card. At this point he was realizing that he is not Seth Green, we can’t reproduce Robot Chicken, and that we should have hired Rene’s 11 year old son to do it for us.

This was actually our first attempt at stop-animation. We were young and naive - quickly realizing we were about as good at stop-animation as we are at voice-overs. This experiment was our first attempt at understanding the limitations of the free app we used to create the video. As you can see and hear, the sky was the limit.

It’s only natural to involve toys in our video given our founder, Rene’s background as a toy designer. You get to see a little of our workshop, where we are usually busy building physical prototypes for our awesome clients!

Jon Morgan laying down a sick beat for our Christmas card. After iterating through styles, he landed on a weird mix of The Fat Boys and Paul’s Boutique era Beastie Boys. Jon configured a custom drum kit specifically for this video.

Since we obviously mastered stop-animation based on the first video, we decided to step it up a notch with a green screen. It quickly became apparent that green screens and shadows don’t mix well. This video was going to be used as an intro but didn’t quite make the cut!