Making the Best Even Better

Ophthalmology cases have the highest rate of incorrect procedures within the operating room. While most of these cases are due to poor pre-op communication and/or lack of experience, poorly-designed devices can be a major contributing factor.

Volk Optical is well-known in the industry for delivering optics and instruments. They have been a leader in the field of surgical optics since 1957. Volk already had the most technically advanced panoramic viewing system for non-contact, vitreoretinal procedures, but was losing market share to competitors whose products better addressed key usability concerns.

In partnership with Volk, Balance designed the second generation ophthalmic surgical system. Working closely with the Volk engineering team, great consideration was given to usability and simplification of controls, making this system much easier to manage.

180123_Volk_standard case_portfolio rendering_GP.jpg
180123_Volk_standard case_portfolio rendering_side view1.49.png
180123_Volk_standard case_portfolio rendering_exploded view 1.47.png

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