The Right People

It’s a simple equation – the best people drive the best results. We wouldn’t think about supporting your investment any other way. From the top down, cultural alignment in “what if” always trumps “we can’t.” And that’s the reason our clients find those breakthrough ideas they are seeking. From researchers to user experience specialists, technologists, designers, engineers, and marketers, our approach is to put a cross-discipline team of the best minds on your business problem. See the carefully curated team that can bring you that game-changing idea.


René Polin
Founder & President


Justin Bloyd
Vice President

Mike Tracz
Director of Design

Jonathan Morgan
Director of Emerging Experiences


Gabe Puerto
Senior Designer


Joe Spalding
Senior Designer

Nick Dauchot
Human-Centered Designer


Ginny Rosen
Senior Strategist

Jeff Hyde
Director of Research & Planning

Sandy Hridel
Director of Marketing


Aaron Rood
Director of Medical Product Development

Laura Green
Director of Medical Regulatory & Compliance

Grant Hoffman
Director of Medical Engineering & Commercialization


Joseph Jankowski, Ph.D.

Medical Market Advisor


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Brian Sokol

President & CEO