A Blend of Old and New

To further accommodate continued growth and new capabilities, Balance moved its operations to Tyler Village, one of the largest downtown redevelopment efforts ever undertaken in Cleveland, Ohio.

When it came time to seek out a new studio location, we went all-in. We knew we were bursting at the seams in our former studio, so more space was paramount; but it also had to be the right space.

As we’ve evolved to better serve our clients, we needed a work environment that could be designed specifically for us. We found that and more at Tyler Village. Read on!



Located in the heart of Cleveland’s historic Midtown District, Tyler Village boasts an eclectic list of tenants. They include high-tech companies and startups, an online school, a vinyl record pressing plant, a professional photo studio, a biotech company, a brewery, and many more. Our new location is convenient to downtown, major freeways, and the airport. Plus, we have plenty of free parking!


Open Plan

In keeping with our philosophy of collaboration, we’ve designed an open studio space where product design, user-experience, and marketing/strategy professionals rub shoulders on a daily basis. Whether it’s a discussion about a project or an impromptu quarterback challenge, our new studio space more than accommodates.




Research Facility

As a growing number of our clients are relying on us for research, we took the opportunity to design and install our own, in-house focus group facility. We can manage the entire process from recruiting, to moderating, to recording.

Ideation Space

A significant portion of our open space is dedicated to ideation. From comfortable modular seating to an entire wall turned dry-erase surface, we’ve created a casual environment that promotes free-flowing ideas and open collaboration. And once the flow of ideas starts to slow, we can use the Xbox to restart our creative brains.

Model Shop

Having a space where product designers can work through a problem with their hands was an important consideration. We created a separate workshop area for physical prototype development and exploration – complete with a spray booth. Because we designed our own space, we were able to build in the necessary electrical for any type of equipment we’ll need as we continue to grow. And just in case we need it, we can fit an entire automobile on our freight elevator!