Extending A Brand To New Heights

Sherwin-Williams approached Balance with a new game-changing mechanism for their painting extension pole. The new pole, deemed Power Lock, is stronger, easier to use, and more reliable than other painting extension poles on the market.


Mechanically and Ergonomically Sound

Our challenge was to take the new mechanism, and package it in a highly ergonomic and aesthetically functional way, while keeping manufacturing constraints and brand language top of mind. From the new longer rubberized grip to the mechanism housing and release lever, Balance tied in crucial ergonomic considerations while infusing the Purdy brand language into every detail. We not only carried the Purdy brand over to a new product successfully, but contributed new elements to the brand language, providing a true evolution.

EP_render_NEW_top view_hroizonts.jpg
EP_render_NEW_top view_vert_cropped_1.jpg


“Balance was able to help us achieve our project goals from start to finish. Providing excellent project management, design and technical expertise, and functioning as a collaborative team ensured that the design process went smoothly, stayed on track, and achieved the desired results we were after.”

Rita Forman-House

Sherwin Williams, Marketing Professional



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