Prestan Products has once again teamed up with Balance to design their most impactful trainer yet, the Prestan AED Ultra Trainer. The previous successful design and launch of their flagship product, combined with our ability to effectively communicate ideas, provided Prestan the confidence needed to launch another disruptive product into the market place.

We designed a compact trainer that maintains the Prestan look and the brand language Balance helped develop. The reduced size makes the trainer more portable and affordable, allowing an instructor to carry more units and teach more students.

DSC_0777 (1).jpg
DSC_0740 (1).jpg


When it comes to the design no detail was overlooked, every component has been considered. The iconic dog bone profile pays homage to the brand heritage while creating a unique look through use of form and expertly blended surfaces. A sleek cutline, subtly framed buttons, and bold graphics highlight the product while clearly communicating vital information to the student and instructor. The soft shell carrying case provides a protective home, the angled zipper exposes the Ultra Trainer’s bold two-tone color scheme while providing ample access to the navigation buttons on the front of the device.


Prestan did it again, and we were glad to help.



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