Diebold Unveils Groundbreaking ATM at CES 2013

Press Release

Balance worked closely with long-time partner Diebold to create a conceptual ATM experience that placed the user, the customer, and the environment at the center of the process. The result of this effort received plenty of industry attention when it was unveiled at CES this year.

Our overall challenge was to create a terminal that addressed a few, key areas:

  • Consumer Security
  • Customer Relationships
  • Environmental Footprint

We took a look through the eyes of a new generation of potential consumers, and it inspired significant leaps in technology, security, service, and environmental responsibility.

The move to "the cloud" eliminated many of the constraints imposed by existing ATM technology; allowing Diebold to reduce their environmental footprint, simplify user interaction, and redefine the overall ATM experience for both customer and consumer.

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