Elevating Design Under the Counter

Moen approached Balance to help develop a new product category from a recent acquisition.  Our challenge was to interpret Moen’s DNA from their highly interactive, largely style-driven, and consumer-facing product line into a function-driven product that delivers all the benefits that consumers are looking for. 



On the technical and business side, our challenge was production efficiency for a broad product offering. We developed a physical product line strategy with the ability to efficiently differentiate by using nearly all common parts across the entire line. The combination of a single unique molded part and CMF work to differentiate product power and life cycles.  


Instrument_TOP DOWN SHOT.jpg

Communicating Performance

We worked closely with the Moen team to create a unique garbage disposal that visually communicates the power of the Vortex advanced chopping technology and Sound Shield noise deadening. The products were designed for both home owner and professional to install with confidence and ease.  


"Balance helped us to take a very functional product, that traditionally is not a decision influenced by product design- and elevate the perception of our products by creating a superior design look and feel, which speaks to the strength and technology of our line.  From kick off and concepting through to finalizing the design the Balance team was insightful and thoughtful, helping to stretch the way we looked at this category."


Cassy Osborne

Senior Marketing Manager


Other Work

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