Tow In Style

Towing is sometimes a lifestyle but always an investment.  Reese was poised to reaffirm their position as the leader in hitch solutions and the M5 was their answer to the 5th wheel category. A bold design that commands your attention. And we are proud to have been a part of its development. 

From the beginning, Reese had their end user in mind. The modular design allows for flexibility in mounting and ease of assembly. The handle was designed for visibility and ease of use, and the fully-articulating head has a larger landing area than any other product in its class. The new jaw design is always ready to receive a trailer and the ‘no-tow’ indicator is larger than ever for quick view without getting out of the truck. Finally, ease of use and confidence in one solution.




Evolving their visual brand language


At first glance, the design instantly sets it apart from any other fifth wheel out there. The bold colors and honest strong materials align the Reese brand with what they stand for; durability, reliability and convenience. We worked with the Reese brand team to strengthen and evolve their aesthetic, setting the stage for the future. 

No longer are your choices black, black or black. Be bold with a product that you can be proud of – one that bears the quality, innovation and reputation of the Reese brand. 


160725_Cequent_bal_5th wheel_ph1_concept1 back 0.png
160725_Cequent_bal_5th wheel_ph1_concept3 back 0.png

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