What inventors need to know

Balance consults with select start-ups and forward-thinking inventors.

Product design, invention, and development is challenging. Many, if not most, new products fail in the marketplace for a variety of reasons, and inventors are usually not prepared for the potentially bumpy journey of taking an idea to market.

There are many different considerations inventors must keep in mind as they move their ideas forward. Most importantly, as an inventor, you will need to establish just how much time, money, and effort you are willing to invest into your idea. No two development efforts are alike, so be prepared for some twists, turns, and pivots as you proceed.

We have prepared an excellent downloadable guide for you to use as you move your new product concept further. Whether it is a physical product, digital product, or an end-user experience, our guide can assist you in planning your next move. Click here to download our Inventor Guide.

Balance is highly selective about inventors with whom we choose to work. If we don't feel we can provide value for you and your idea, we will connect you with partners who can.