Balanced Innovation Workshops

Your team is stuck.  Your ‘brainstorming’ meetings aren’t always fruitful.  You just can’t figure out how to look at the problem with a fresh perspective.  How do all these companies come up with so many innovative, new ideas?

How do we get better at ‘innovation’? 

Balance can help transform your organization by bringing together your cross-functional teams for a dedicated creativity workshop that will reinforce your capability to generate innovative and differentiated new solutions to your toughest business challenges. 

Through our Balanced Innovation Workshops, we can assist you in discovering a multitude of useful tools that will lead your organization to entirely new ways of approaching problems. You will learn how to conduct powerful and effective creative sessions. 



We believe that everyone is creative and everyone can learn innovation skills. By using relevant examples and teaching established techniques, our designer-guided workshops will help you build these skills and the confidence and competence to do it again and again.

Balance can help your organization build a culture of creative thinking and innovation.

Balanced Innovation workshops have worked for Fortune 500 companies, middle market manufacturers, and major international brands.

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How to assess their ideas

That creativity can be scheduled and structured

A framework for decision making

Just how creative they really are!


Multiple innovation tools

Multiple innovation philosophies

How other companies apply innovation tools

How to apply these tools to their unique business challenges

How to apply these tools to new products, services, and experiences



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