Proven Innovation Methodologies

Empowering Our Clients From the Ground Up


Your organization is feeling the pressure to ‘innovate.’ There is an initiative that comes straight from the top, and you’re definitely out of your comfort zone.

What does this mean? How does my team go about finding new and creative solutions to our challenges? Where do I find that game-changing, innovative idea– that can actually become a reality - and quickly?


Balance’s human-centered innovation process effectively and systematically moves you forward in ways you never thought possible. 

We help you develop a ‘lens’ to look through that will provide actionable and viable solutions. Built on a deep understanding of your end-user and customer, Balanced Innovation can lead you to numerous ideas that can be tested quickly and effectively. 


Develop products, services, and experiences that connect deeply with your end-users. Balance the business needs of your organization with the emotional needs of your end-users and customers through ground-up innovation. Find market spaces that you can own – and quickly develop products to fill that space.

Make innovation your competitive advantage.



Opportunity platforms

Innovation sprints

New business opportunity roadmapping


Mental model diagramming

Experience mapping

Design persona development

Rapid prototyping


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