Gabe Puerto

Senior Designer

Gabe is a product designer at Balance. Gabe’s artistic and multicultural background, combined with his professional experience and his passion for art, allow him to bring a unique and inspired perspective to the team. His passion lies in improving people lives through creating unique and lasting experiences and emotional connections between user and product. He always strives to bring beauty to even the most mundane, and instill cleverness and value that elevate a product well beyond the expected. Being a hands-on learner, he enjoys using new mediums for creation and execution of ideas and constantly learning.


A Cleveland resident with a warm-weathered soul: Gabe enjoys biking, hiking, swimming, beach-lounging, boating, and, at times, an indoor leisure sport during the brutal winter months. He also enjoys drawing, tinkering, and the occasional furniture building.

Bernese Mountain Dog lover and purveyor of puns.