Designing A (Pillow) Case For Change


We at Balance are always looking at the world through the eyes of thought leaders and change agents. Recognizing the burgeoning business of wellness and the long-term benefits to society, we knew there must be a way to utilize design to help people get and stay well. Balance collaborated with startup Enduring Wellness, LLC, to develop a line of wellness products to help people eat more healthily, get more exercise, feel less stressed, and most importantly, get better sleep. As something we spend a third of our lives doing, we understand sleep as being a crucial part of our lives that is often overlooked in the design world. Because of this, we knew we could design a product to help millions of people get better sleep.

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Not Just Another Pillow

The average American spends 5.6 hours with digital media per day. Between our mobile devices (3.1 hours daily) and desktop/laptops (2.2 hours daily), all of our daily interactions with technology are taking a toll on our neck and spine. This was the inspiration for creating the ComfortAdjust Pillow from Enduring Wellness.

Working alongside a chiropractor at one of the world’s top hospital systems, we found the key was in the proper support of the cervical spine to maintain a normal Lordotic curve. By creating a pillow with built-in cervical support, we were able to address what has been dubbed ‘Tech Neck’ or ‘Text Neck’ - the potentially permanent negative effects of using technology on the spine.



A Pillow MADE FOR You

Traditional cervical rolls require coupling a foam roll with an existing pillow to achieve an adequate amount of support to treat neck pain. Unfortunately, no two pillows (or people) are alike. This was a key breakthrough behind creating a pillow with endless adjustability. Through end-user testing, we plotted the optimal pillow dimensions and used this data to create the most universal pillow possible.


The Comfort Adjust Pillow has just been introduced to the market and has multiple patents pending.



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