Early Detection is the Best Medicine

Over-medication of antibiotics for common ear problems is believed to be a leading cause of the development of antibiotic resistant bacteria in children. ConfirMEE can help change this.


Observation is Key

At the early stage of middle ear infections, the most common method of detection is a visual examination (otoscopy) of the eardrum and ear canal. The diagnostic decision is based on the observed degree of redness and inflammation. Visual examinations do not provide exact information regarding the cause of inflammation – consequently leading, in many cases, to the unwarranted prescription of antibiotics. It is believed that up to 80% of antibiotic prescriptions for common ear problems may be unnecessary.



Informed Decisions

Balance partnered with ElectroSonics to help develop the ConfirMEE – a non-invasive diagnostic device used to detect fluid presence and viscosity in the middle ear. The ConfirMEE – Ear Effusion Detection and Characterization System provides primary care physicians with accurate information to make informed decisions about the appropriate course of treatment, including whether or not to prescribe antibiotics. The ConfirMEE provides a unique and accurate tool for pediatricians and general family practice physicians to aid in this common and critical diagnosis.




Other Work

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