Designing the Future of Banking

We collaborated with long-time partner Diebold to develop the 2012 Concept ATM Terminal. This Millennial-inspired concept was the first ATM of its kind to integrate with mobile devices via the cloud, allowing consumers to complete secure, cardless transactions.


We took a look through the eyes of a new generation of potential consumers, the Millennials, and it inspired significant leaps in technology, experience, security, service, and environmental responsibility. This new ATM would allow financial institutions to project a less antiquated image; thereby attracting Millennials as new customers. By leveraging technology, the bank would see a significant reduction in cost-of-ownership.

In addition to strategic thinking, we delivered a fully-functional, appearance-grade prototype for unveiling at CES 2013. This IDEA Finalist concept ATM reinforced Diebold’s position as an innovator in the financial solutions arena.


01 Scan

A customer scans the QR code on the ATM’s screen with his/her smartphone.

02 Sync

Phone syncs with the ATM via a cloud-based server and verifies to the bank that the customer is standing in front of that particular ATM.


03 Transaction

A transaction screen pops up on his/her smartphone and lets the customer choose how much to withdrawal/ transfer

04 Confirm

The customer gets a one-time-use transaction code that he/she enters manually to confirm transaction.

05 Dispense

The cloud-based server signals the ATM to prepare to accept that code and dispense/transfer the right amount of cash.

06 Receipt

Digital e-receipt is pushed to device and emailed to bank customer with a summary of the transaction.


“Balance became, in many ways, a direct extension of our team. They helped enable my team to grow our influence within the company by consistently providing high quality, thoughtful deliverables on time and above expectations.”

Paul Magee

Former Director of Strategic Design at Diebold
Currently the Director of Industrial Design, North America, Crown Equipment Corporation



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