Making The Machine More Human

The ubiquitous ATM hasn’t changed much in many years, and (mostly) for good reason. For better or worse, the ATM experience is familiar to almost anyone who has visited a bank in the last 30 years.



Aligning with Diebold’s vision to radically improve the in-branch experience, Balance was tasked with rethinking how people use ATMs, while still keeping the experience familiar. The ILT is an advanced system that performs typical ATM functions, but also offers a deeper level of service that is comparable to, and in some cases, goes beyond what a human teller can offer.

The ILT user experience was designed to make the machine more human. This new experience is familiar, friendly, and intuitive. With a welcoming new interface, this innovative interactive banking experience may just become the preferred in-branch tool for financial consumers.



“The team at Balance has repeatedly performed above expectations, no matter what the request.”

Paul Magee
Former Director of Strategic Design at Diebold
Currently the Director of Industrial Design, North America, Crown Equipment Corporation



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