As the landscape of the branch continues to transform, banks are looking for new ways to increase efficiency and relevance as a destination for the ideal customer experience. With financial information and services literally at our fingertips, there are less and less reasons to frequent a brick and mortar location.

Adaptable & Adoptable

Diebold wanted to radically improve the in-branch experience by empowering end-users to choose how they interact with the bank. This new experience would allow deeper levels of self-service in a secure environment, all while coexisting with familiar teller channels.

The In-Lobby Teller (ILT) is an innovative solution that redefines the branch experience for both the bank and its customers. The ILT bridges the gap between the teller and the ATM by combining the convenience and accuracy of a machine with the natural and personal interaction of a human.



Seamless Integration

Keeping in mind that every financial institution is different, as are their expectations of the ideal solution, the ILT is built on a modular platform. Functionality and environmental implementation is seamless, configurable, and scalable to the specific location of any institution. The ILT is the perfect tool to transform any size bank branch and offer an unparalleled user experience.



Other Work

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