Aaron Rood

Director of Health & Medical Product Development

Aaron’s entire career has been focused on the development and commercialization of distributive technologies, mostly in the medical device and wearable technology markets.

Aaron has a wide range of expertise in device solutions in applications ranging from cardiac patients, astronauts, NAVY Seals, elite athletes, expectant mothers and fast jet pilots. Nearly 2 decades ago, while at the Cleveland Clinic, Aaron worked on “Smart” surgical instruments and miniaturized implantable sensors meant to change common practice in surgery.

Leveraging his innovation expertise, Aaron joined Cleveland-based Orbital Research, where he was the product lead on programs funded by NASA, DARPA, NAVY, and the National Institutes Health, among others.

This pioneering work resulted in numerous patents and 2 devices receiving FDA clearance. In 2009, Aaron developed a sensor technology solution that was licensed within the wearable sector by a company with a first-to-market product offering.

While at Orbital Research, a second monitoring technology led by Aaron was acquired by Cobham Mission Systems, a multi-billion dollar global aerospace company. And during his tenure at the Ohio Aerospace Institute, Aaron leveraged open innovation and collaborative research models to identify and develop technology solutions around aircraft drag reduction, advanced manufacturing, and fire suppression.

At Balance, Aaron continues to work with a range of companies, predominantly in the medical and aerospace segments, helping them move technology from concept to capture.